first day of summer

Today was our official ‘first day of summer’ as the kiddos finished school on Friday!  They are napping now 😉 so here’s a little recap of our day so far.

This morning we went out for pancakes for breakfast (this is a special summer kick-off, not an every-day occasion :)) A wore her tutu and fairy wings, and S changed out of his onesie jammies into another set of pjs for the excursion.

We came home and played for a bit, then left for the park. (notice: outfits changed again… A is in a sunday dress and tights!)

Later this morning, A and  S wrote and decorated letters to each of their favorite Disney characters: Rapunzel and Mickey Mouse. I read somewhere recently that if you write to a Disney character in Disney World or Disney Land, they will send either a signed photo or a postcard in return! Even if they don’t, it was fun to teach them how the mailbox works. (They’ll probably forget by tomorrow anyway.)

Here is A’s letter (age 4):

And S’s letter (age 2):

I addressed the envelopes and let them each seal them and place the stamps in the corner.

We walked outside, they placed their letters in the mailbox, and A lifted the flag. They were so excited to mail something! I hope they don’t lose the little joys like sending and receiving snail mail :o)


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